Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"The Emperor Has No Clothes"

There's a paritcular clarity in the Bible which provides a lucid picture of today's political climate. For when you read the Bible you realize something very quickly...

There is no one outside of Jesus who will save you. There is no king you can elect, worship, or commend which will not screw it up outside of Jesus. We are a society of broken, sinful people.

It also does no use getting angry over anyone's words. You are not more righteous than anyone else you see on TV or read in the paper. You are no without guilt. You are not without cruelty and judgment.

Each of the kings of the Bible died. Each of the Judges God had appointed died. Each of the prophets died. Each of them all have sinned. There is only one who perfectly fulfills the offices of prophet, priest, and king... Christ.

The sooner we wake up to see that the emperor has no clothes, the closer we would be to seeing how much we need grace.

The world needs the gospel more than ever because if we keep putting our hopes into someone who will "fix this country" we will only lose more hope, gain more anger, and be more self-centered because we will be disappointed.

However, if we put our hope in a savior who is able to secure a greater hope outside of this world we can find peace, hope, compassion, kindness, integrity, love, and righteousness in Him.

You may not like Him sometimes because it means we look and see our own ugliness and unrighteousness when we compare ourselves to Jesus, but He gives us grace to take comfort in His righteousness.

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